August 28, 2012

Technology solutions provider Jack Henry and Associates released a new call center service, dubbed jhaCall Center, that features automated customer authentication to improve customer service and reduce demands on staff, the company announced today.

The call center offering automatically captures and authenticates the customer's information with Computer Telephony Integration technology, which allows the telephone to interact with a computer. This, the company said, in a statement, should provide a cost-effective means to expedite customer service calls.

jhaCall Center is first being offered as an in-house service to financial institutions that use the Jack Henry and Associates core processing system automated by the SilverLake System. It will eventually be offered as an outsourced alternative as well for banks who want to outsource all of their call center operations.

"With the introduction of jhaCall Center, we are uniquely positioned to leverage our service culture and infrastructure, our proven technology, and our best practices to provide call center services and software that would be difficult for individual institutions to realistically and cost effectively replicate, staff and maintain," said Tony Wormington, president of Jack Henry and Associates, in a statement.

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