May 18, 2011

New technology unveiled by Duluth, Ga.-based NCR brings videoconferencing capabilities to ATMs.

Currently in a pilot program, NCR's APTRA Interactive Teller solution adds live teller support to ATMs in the form of two-way videoconferencing technology from Utah-based uGenius Technology. The solution effectively gives banks the opportunity to add cost-efficient, personalized services and possibly extend an institution's service hours.

"Consumers cannot always bank during banking hours. They want service at a time and place that is convenient for them," said Michael O’Laughlin, senior vice president, NCR Financial Services. "Interactive Teller on NCR SelfServ ATMs offers the best of technology - convenient self-service for simple, typical transactions, and personalized banking for after hours and remote service. Our new NCR APTRA Interactive Teller ATM delivers an ideal solution at a time when banks are looking to improve their customer service while maintaining cost efficiencies."

In a release, NCR said the technology could allow a bank to centralize tellers in a safe environment, while reducing branch footprints and remotely offering more highly personalized services.

NCR has sold its SelfServ ATMs to more than 1,300 financial institutions in more than 130 countries.