July 10, 2012

The LenderMobile+ mortgage loan app for the iPad has a new feature, Social Invite, that will allow loan agents using the app to invite realtors and borrowers who also use the app to start a loan application in real-time. The feature will provide a mobile lead generation tool for loan agents and is one of several new features that LenderMobile, a mobile mortgage loan apps provider, is adding to its flagship app, LenderMobile+.

Realtors and borrowers will also be able to request loan pre-qualification forms and submit them to originators to start the loan process.

The app also has new loan pre-qualification tools, including payment information, front and back-end ratios and loan-to-value ratios. LenderMobile also added pipeline reporting from the loan agent's loan originator system, a good faith estimate and mortgage calculators. Loan agents will be able to retrieve pipeline information from their loan originator system such as loan status, conditions and notes.

"Our new iPad app features provide loan officers all the tools for on-the-fly pre-qualification calculations. Before our upgrade, their had to use a separate device to run different loan scenarios for the borrower. Now all this can be done form their iPads. This is especially helpful for loan officers who do business face-to-face. While in front of the borrower, theory take the application, get signed disclosures and run pre-qualification scenarios without needing a laptop. scanner, printer or fax machine," Lovina Worick, vice presider of business development at LenderMobile, said in a statement.

The LenderMobile+ app uses cloud computing to give users mortgage origination capabilities and allows borrowers to electronically sign the loan application directly on an iPad. Loan agents can also use the app to order vendor services such as create reports and review them in real-time with the borrower.

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