September 28, 2011

Mitek Systems, a San Diego-based provider of mobile imaging solutions, recently announced its MitekONE Enterprise Deposit Platform. The new solution allows financial institutions to manage deposits of all checks via a single platform whether they come through mobile devices, ATMs, tellers, flatbed scanners -- or any channel.

MitekONE boasts duplicate mobile deposit detection, a fraud-management technology that figures out whether or not someone has tried to deposit a check more than once across banks and institutions. It also allows banks to identify business and personal checks from different payment types and apply appropriate business rules to them.

Mitek says that the solution does require a bank to migrate to a new deposit platform -- even if it has Mitek's flagship Mobile Deposit solution in place -- but from a technical standpoint, it should be simple to install.

The company says that the solution aims to benefit banks by increasing performance efficiencies, improve fraud protection and increase risk management capabilities. "MitekONE is really about going beyond mobile deposit and exposing Mitek's technology to new channels," says Louise Steller, Mitek's VP of sales.

Mitek says that the product will be available next quarter. Company representatives say that although they cannot release specific details yet, they're already seeing interest from banks and partners looking to take advantage of the technology in the coming months.