March 02, 2011

Banks often struggle to provide a convenient way to sign customers up for mobile banking services. Many require customers to sign up for online banking first, which is not always convenient to smartphone-dependent consumers. Some force customers to type long credit card or checking account numbers on their smartphone keyboard, which can lead to errors or frustration.

Mitek Systems, the predominant provider of the technology banks use to let customers deposit checks by taking pictures of them with their iPhone or other smartphone, has come out with a new module that applies this idea to mobile account setup. Mobile ACH Enrollment lets banks offer customers the option of linking a checking account to a mobile banking account by snapping a photo of a check using their smartphone.

"By eliminating keystrokes, our new Mobile ACH Enrollment solution reduces consumers' anxieties about enrolling their checking accounts with mobile payments providers," said Mitek president and CEO James B. DeBello. "They no longer have to worry about entering each character in the proper sequence because they can let their smart phone cameras do all that."