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Citibank recently reintroduced its online banking website with a brand-new look, feel and set of functionalities. Here's a closer look at the new
November 28, 2011

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New York-based Citibank ($1.9 billion in assets) redesigned its online banking website,, and recently reintroduced it with a brand-new look, feel and set of functionalities. A key change to the site was the integration of personal financial management (PFM) tools, says Tracey Weber, head of Internet and mobile banking for North America consumer banking at Citibank, who led the redesign effort. Powered by Yodlee, the PFM solution aggregates financial information from customers' internal and external accounts and lets them view, categorize and analyze that data. "It's a whole new suite of tools for customers to manage their financial lives," she says.

What makes Citibank's PFM component especially appealing, according to Weber, is that customers can view and access it right from the online banking dashboard. "On many other sites that have a PFM component you typically have to do a couple of clicks to get to it," she explains. "Here, every time you log in to your dashboard you get a refreshed chart of your spend activity by your top categories. We think that over time, it will lead to more frequent engagement with the PFM capabilities."

The PFM tool is just one part of Citibank's enhanced online banking experience. The following photo gallery details some of the other key changes, including a simplified user interface.

Image Caption: The Old Look's previous homepage contained more than 100 links.

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