November 05, 2012

BillGuard'sBillGuard's technology for monitoring and resolving unwanted credit and debit transactions is going to be installed Lemon Inc.'s Lemon Wallet. BillGuard solution, which is included in Apple's Passbook, will now be available to the Lemon Wallet's 2.5 million users on both iOS and Android.

BillGuard started out as an online service, and, in a statement released today, said that it had saved customers more than $1 million through its website. BillGuard is now moving aggressively towards extending that service to digital wallets like Passbook and Lemon.

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"Consumers today are more mobile than ever. Using their smartphones to make purchases, organize cards, receipts and coupons offers them more flexibility, but it also provides a new channel for billing errors, deceptive charges and fraud," Wences Casares, Lemon's CEO, said in the statement.

BillGuard cited a study it conducted that found that one in four of its users had been charged at least one erroneous or deceptive charge by merchants in the previous six months. Although these charges are often just a few dollars, BillGuard found that those users had paid close to $350 in such inaccurate charges.

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