5 Ways Mobile Banking Is Evolving: Finovate

Several new technologies demoed at Finovate this week showcased new ways that mobile is solving pain points for banks and their customers.
September 13, 2013

Dynamic Mobile Statements

GMC Software, which specializes in customer communication solutions, demoed its Inspire Dynamic Statement for Mobile solution. The solution brings capabilities usually associated with PFM tools, such as searchable transaction history and interactive graphs, while also meeting the compliance of delivering a monthly bank statement, says Scott Draeger, GMC's customer communication strategist. With the dynamic statement, GMC can pull marketing data as well to include interactive advertisements for cross-selling and up-selling customers, he adds. The digital statement can be delivered to customers through the bank's mobile app, and can be offered in conjunction with GMC's print, online and email statements, delivering a multi-channel customer communication strategy, Draeger notes.

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Screenshot courtesy of GMC Software.

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