4 Predictions About The Future of the Contact Center

With banks’ channel strategies becoming increasingly customer-centric, how is this shaping their call and contact centers? Four experts offer their predictions.
July 12, 2013

Analytics Facilitate Better Service

The financial services industry is a trendsetter in leveraging technology to provide better customer service, and is thus well positioned to overcome the growing gap in power between consumers and enterprises. Consumers are empowered with multiple communication channels and increased access to information, and banks must be prepared to assist customers who now choose the timing and outlet for their contact.

In a recent survey, consumers indicated that they use an average of six different channels to contact service providers. To address this reality, organizations must leverage technology to provide outstanding customer service in an efficient manner. Solutions that apply both interactional and transactional analytics across all channels allow institutions to understand the unique journey of every customer. This understanding enables companies to predict their customers’ needs and either guide them to the most appropriate channel, proactively engage with them, or simply be ready with the right service and information.

The survey also showed that use of mobile apps and texting is on the rise, with the strongest growth in financial services institutions, at 46%. As helpful as today’s mobile apps are, they will be truly mature when they are able to seamlessly convey all of the customer’s information when transitioning from self-service to assisted service with an agent. In short, the contact center will continue to play a critical role in customer service as it handles more complex service issues, or when self-service channels fail.

— Tamar Sharir, Director, Solution Marketing Interaction Optimization, NICE Systems

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