4 Predictions About The Future of the Contact Center

With banks’ channel strategies becoming increasingly customer-centric, how is this shaping their call and contact centers? Four experts offer their predictions.
July 12, 2013

Access To A Live Person Remains Essential

Financial institutions must continue to offer mobile customer service solutions. While all customers appreciate mobile accessibility, SDCCU understands that sometimes there is no substitute to talking to a live person.

Most recently, SDCCU launched SDCCU Easy Balance Transfer, where SDCCU Visa cardholders can easily perform a balance transfer by taking a picture of their other high-rate credit card payment stubs, and the balance is automatically sent to their low-rate SDCCU Visa.

In October 2012, SDCCU added Mobile Live Chat services for customers using smartphones, making SDCCU one of two U.S.-based companies, at the time, to offer live chat capabilities for both iPhone and Android mobile devices. Consumers who carry mobile devices can connect in real-time to a SDCCU representative via a secure instant message.

Additionally, SDCCU was the first local financial institution to launch SDCCU Mobile Deposit in December 2011.

— Teresa Halleck, President/CEO, San Diego County Credit Union

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