3 Takeaways From the CEB TowerGroup Financial Services Technology Conference

Innovation, mobility and big data were among the big themes discussed during the three-day event in Boston.
May 03, 2013

2. Big Data

Data is being created at a pace unseen in the history of world prior to today. How banks can effectively capitalize on all of this wealth of data to serve existing customers and create new ones has been an ongoing point of debate in the industry.

Randy Packham, VP Financial Services Solutions for SAP, dealt with some of these issues during a session titled, "Data-Driven Strategy Done Right: Getting the accurate, actionable data that you need when you need it."

Packham noted that consumers are more informed than ever before, and their expectations of their banks are rising. Banks need to present relevant, timely offers and marketing messages to customers using data analytics.

However, Packham also warned banks to avoid what he called "the creepy factor" and not "freak them out" with the use of personal data.

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