3 Takeaways From Innotribe New York

The showcase for financial technology startups and innovators, sponsored by SWIFT, could portend the future of banking.
June 14, 2013

2. Mobile P2P

Mobile financial services continue to be a hot trend, and mobile person-to-person money transfers are one of the most noteworthy. One of the semifinalist winners, P2P Cash believes it has the model for the future by offering consumers the ability to send money for free to any cell phone on the planet.

The company says its advantage over remittance firms like Western Union and Money Gram is its ability to grow its Trusted Agent Network, while maintaining a high degree of reliability and security with guaranteed payments.

"Mobile wallets are exploding all over the planet, and we're trying to be a hub for that," said P2P Cash's CEO Tom Meredith.

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