November 04, 2008

Account analysis solution provider The Weiland Financial Group, Inc. (Bannockburn, Ill.) has released version 3.06 of its Commercial Account Analysis (CAA) solution. CAA 3.06 supports a single blueprint of services that can be shared by any bank affiliated within the holding company, thereby reducing redundancy. Also part of the release, Weiland Financial has enhanced View 360 Reports, a separately licensable component of CAA, to support a series of Web-based reports that bring valuable information into view for bank officers, salespeople and product management. This brings real time intelligence to institutions so account changes can be easily monitored.

Additional View 360 components include Statement Viewing and Account Modeling. The Statement Viewing solution provides immediate access to statements by authorized personnel and provides a green solution by not printing statements. Account Modeling is a Web-based tool that shows potential customers the value of banking with your institution, and can be used to propose new pricing to existing customers. All View 360 components are available separately so an institution can customize their solution. WFG now also offers Account Analysis Modeling, which can run independently of the CAA Suite and provide any bank valuable sales tools used during the RFP process.