October 14, 2009

RepublicBankAz (Phoenix) has implemented a new customer communications/education program using technology from IMN (Waltham, Mass.).

Banking On is IMN's financial services industry communications solution. With it, RepublicBankAz is able to deploy an e-newsletter to its customers through a variety of channels. The e-newsletter is designed to contain relevant content to engage and educate customers on financial services and generate leads for cross-selling opportunities. The bank also plans to leverage additional Banking On capabilities that will enable it to communicate with customers through mobile devices and social media, channels that are increasingly utilized by younger market segments to gather information on business and personal finance.

"[Banking On] enables RepublicBankAz to consistently provide retail and commercial customers with educational content they can use to make the right financial decisions," said Jonathan Reece, vice president for RepublicBankAz, in a statement. "Its analytical features also identify which customers are best suited for our products based on the content they view. This enhances our cross-selling and creates revenue generating opportunities that are important for our growth as an institution."