Providing a Distinctive Customer Experience: The Power of Customer Communications Management

When it comes to customer communications, a personalized, multichannel experience is required.
April 26, 2012

Optimizing the customer experience has become essential for banks, and consumers expect to be able to interact with their banks quickly and easily — whenever and from wherever. To deliver on customer expectations, banks must enhance document creation and delivery capabilities to provide clients with a consistent, personalized experience across the expanding variety of channels. As document management has evolved into customer communications management, what's required for banks to produce and distribute targeted, relevant multichannel customer communications? And how can banks capitalize on advances in document creation, output and delivery?

For USAA, Customer Comunications Means Staying Connected

By Michael Baublit, Assistant VP of Marketing & Channel Operations, USAA (San Antonio)

USAA takes an outside-in view of the needs of our members — the men and women of the military and their families — and we strive continually to anticipate and develop innovative solutions to help meet them. Our goal is to build on our legacy of excellent customer service to make it simple and easy for our members to manage their everyday financial matters by providing access in any channel they choose to transact with us.

We invest in infrastructure that provides an integrated platform for the entire duration of a marketing campaign to ensure consistent, relevant and timely messaging to our members across all outbound communication channels. This interactive marketing approach incorporates customer and web analytics, centralized decision making, cross-channel campaign execution, and integrated marketing operations in a manner that can be automated and delivered across multiple channels, according to each member's preference. This approach helps ensure members receive the same exceptional, personalized level of service, consistency and quality, regardless of channel.

Today, USAA members can use their smartphones, tablets or the Internet to access their accounts, transact business and purchase many of our products and services. They enjoy best-in-industry service when they call USAA to talk with one of our representatives or licensed financial advisers, and they can walk into one of our USAA Financial Centers and enjoy the best of USAA in a face-to-face environment.

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