February 13, 2009

A growing number of banks have recognized that adopting "green," or energy-efficient, computing and operational principles isn't just about helping the environment -- it also can help reduce costs, improve performance and provide competitive benefits. Given the current down market, however, it's more important than ever that green computing strategies provide value to the business and be based on specific metrics and trackable benefits, not just buzzwords. What is the business case for green initiatives in a bad economy, and how can IT and line-of-business heads secure funding for environmentally friendly initiatives in this period of tight budgets? Where should banks focus their green computing efforts to get the best return on their investments?

Theresa McLaughlin, Citizens Group EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Citizens Bank
Rodney Nelsestuen, Research Director, Financial Strategies and IT Investment, TowerGroup
Geoff Greenwade, President and CEO, Green Bank
Patricia M. McGinnis, Research Director, Corporate Banking, IDC Financial Insights