October 12, 2012

SAS released a new marketing solution that uses business analytics to help marketing teams maximize profits. SAS said the SAS High-Performance Marketing Optimization is capable of testing different scenarios using large numbers of customer records and offers within minutes, allowing the marketing officer to predict the impact of changes in near real-time.

Being able to run through different changes so quickly will allow marketers to run many more refinements to their changes through testing, helping them shape a better marketing campaign, SAS's CEO of Decision Management Solutions James Taylor said in a statement. It will also make it easier and quicker for marketing teams to respond to competitors' marketing campaigns as well, he added.

With the solution's ability to process large numbers of data, marketers no longer have to rely on using samples to test the results of new changes to marketing campaigns. The marketing optimization tool integrates with the SAS High-Performance Analytics tool to optimize customer data, as well as other SAS products for risk management and data visualization.

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