August 03, 2005

SNL Unveils Merger Model Tech

SNL Financial (Charlottesville, Va.) unveiled an Internet-based merger model based on Macromedia Flash technology that makes the process of compiling and evaluating merger data easier, according to the company. SNL Merger Model speeds the process of analyzing data and can create reports for multiple merger scenarios, and the solution presents the data in a simpler and more intuitive format, SNL claims.

AppRiver Addresses E-Mail Protection

AppRiver (San Jose, Calif.) introduced SecureTide, a suite of customizable, Web-based tools for e-mail content management designed to address e-mail abuse and misuse. Users can track key words and phrases in all addresses, headers, subject lines and message bodies to facilitate the blockage of unwanted e-mails. The application also can ban suspect file attachments and messages originating from specific countries, AppRiver says.

Neopost Offers Snail Mail Solution

The SI 68 folder/inserter by Neopost (Hayward, Calif.) automates various mailings, such as invoices, statements, checks and letters. The SI 68 detects document thickness as mail pieces pass through the machines to ensure the correct papers reach the intended addressees. An optional optical mark recognition (OMR) feature ensures security and customizes contents of the envelopes for recipients.