October 07, 2008

Cupertino, Calif.-based Chordiant Software, Inc. provider of customer experience software and services, has launched a customer experience management solution, Chordiant Cx Visual Business Director. (CxVBD).

The solution enables business users to simulate front-office decisions made in support of customer interactions during the course of business. Leveraging the solution's intuitive 3D interface, the simulation can be used to test the impact of customer experience strategies on the bottom line enterprise-wide, or in any part of the business.

The performance and business implications of complex multi-channel, multi-issue, inbound and outbound strategies can be assessed before they are instantly put into production. Once live, success levels can be monitored down to an individual agent (if in the call center) and changed in real-time to adapt immediately to market pressures or operational needs. CxVBD gives unprecedented visibility into and control over business performance across the enterprise. Built on top of Chordiant's Decision Management (CDM) solution, CxVBD enables every interaction a company has had with its customers, including all decisions made during those interactions, to be efficiently stored for later simulation. During a simulation, the decisions can then be "replayed" and "fast forwarded" using different strategies to see the impact those changes would have had on the business.