January 14, 2011

Some visitors to Charlotte, N.C.-based Bank of America's website Friday were greeted with a slow-loading site or timeout errors. A bank spokesperson says the issue is thought to be caused by maintenance Bank of America performed Thursday night.

"It is the result of a routine systems change we made last night," says BofA spokeswoman Tara Burke. "I can’t go into details beyond that."

Burke emphasized that Bank of America's online banking was not down, and that it was only a small population of customers experiencing issues, which materialized in the form of timeout errors when visiting bankofamerica.com. She added that the number of users affected continued to decrease Friday afternoon as the bank addressed the issue.

The website issue did not affect any of BofA's other systems, Burke said.

"There is no impact on ATMs," she added. "This is not a result of malware or Wikileaks or anything like that."

Throughout Friday Bank of America was actively engaging customers and answering questions via its @BofA_HelpTwitter account. The bank used Twitter to answer questions, provide status updates and generally inform customers the bank was aware the issue.