8 Model Banks of Note

Analyst and research firm Celent recently hosted its annual model bank awards. Here we highlight some of the notable winners.
March 01, 2013

Celent this week conducted its annual Model Bank awards which recognized banks effectively using technology to drive innovation and efficiency. Though more than 20 banks from around the globe were honored, Bank Systems & Technology takes a closer look at the eight North American banks that won awards.

1. BBVA Compass

BBVA Compass , the U.S. arm of Spanish bank BBVA, was given the Model Bank of the Year award for its ambitious project to replace the legacy core banking systems of its U.S.-based banking operation.

The bank used Accenture's Alnova solution, and the recently completed $362 million project has helped the bank reach goals such as achieving real-time processing capabilities, improving time to market, and responding more quickly to customer needs and expectations.

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