5 Banks Leading the Way in Gamification

While gamification is a trend that many in banking are talking about, banks interested in gaming can learn some lessons from those banks that have already dipped their toes in the gaming world.
February 08, 2013

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Investorville

Commonwealth Bank of Australia's Investorville simulates the ins and outs of owning a property. The game allows the bank's customers to simulate buying and owning a property. "It takes you through the life cycle of an investment property. You have to go through renovations and it can explain to first-time home buyers the consequences of their financial decisions," Gartner's Cohen says of the game. Players have to pay property taxes and go through different simulations on the impact of different types of mortgages and loans for their new hypothetical property. The game impresses on customers what it means to manage a property and how to navigate the potential pitfalls it involves, the study says.

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