5 Banks Leading the Way in Gamification

While gamification is a trend that many in banking are talking about, banks interested in gaming can learn some lessons from those banks that have already dipped their toes in the gaming world.
February 08, 2013

ODBC Bank of Singapore - Playmoolah

Playmoolah is an online game designed for children to teach them financial literacy and the value of saving. Another Singapore bank, OCBC Bank, has partnered with Playmoolah to offer those who participate in the bank's Mighty Savers children's program to play the game and donate to charities. Children can earn badges and rewards for how much they save and donate. Gartner's Cohen points out that there are other non-bank sites that help parents keep track of chores and allowances for their kids to help teach financial literacy. Getting parents and children involved is an easy way to help draw the attention of younger customers, she adds.

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