May 04, 2005

With Danny Peltz, EVP, Wholesale Internet and Treasury Solutions, Wells Fargo (San Francisco)

I just got back from a heliboarding trip in British Columbia. The helicopter drops you off at the top of the mountain, you board down and the helicopter picks you up and brings you back to the top of the mountain. It dumped four feet of powder over the five days we were there, and every run was a powder run from top to bottom.

But I wouldn't make it a habit - it would be a very expensive habit.

I've skied for about 20 years and have been boarding for about 10. My wife didn't want to ski with me anymore, but she wanted to pick up boarding, so we started learning something new together.

REGULAR OR GOOFY FOOT? Regular style, although I absolutely can board goofy foot.

DO YOU WATCH (ski film auteur) WARREN MILLER MOVIES? Sometimes. I'm not as good as those guys, but I have fun out there.

What do you do when you unplug for the day? Write with your adventures.