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Forget Fixing Bad Banks; Go Direct: Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen was all of 27 when he sold his first start-up for more than $1 billion, Netscape. Having sold another start-up for more than $1 billion, and presciently backed others' winners, such as Digg and Facebook, Andreessen is someone people tend to listen to.

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Resignation by Op-Ed; AIG Bonus Recipient Bows Out

It's kind of like "J'Accuse" in reverse. Instead of a writer using a newspaper to challenge the Establishment, as émile Zola famously did in Paris in 1898, we have today a bonus recipient from AIG using The New York Times' Op-Ed column to publicly resign and as a forum to criticize AIG's CEO, Edward Liddy, and the bonus payments generally as "distasteful."

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Job Losses the Worst in 34 Years

To me, it's the single scariest development of many lately: November saw the biggest monthly job loss in 34 years, extrapolating from statistics released today by the Department of Labor. More than 500,000 jobs, net, were lost in November, a sign of deepening recession, commentators say. And that's not counting those who have been unemployed so long they are no longer counted in the statistics of those seeki

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Fighting Fraud With Texts

By using SMS to alert customers to possible breaches, banks could enlist consumers in the fight against fraud -- but the industry is far from achieving dynamic information sharing.

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