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      • RBS Group recently announced the selection of Chordiant Software as its "strategic CRM platform and the standard for all new CRM developments within the Group," according to Steve North, head of strategy and architecture at RBS Group Technology.
      • The U.S. Navy's installation of a new payment system that does away with the need to store cash aboard ships is a breakthrough in the military's battle to control spending. Called Navy Cash and engineered by J.P. Morgan Chase, the system features a dual mag stripe/stored value card that enables shipboard purchases to be made with electronic cash, eliminating the need to store and count cash.
      • A regulation requiring broker-dealer subsidiaries of banks to report suspicious activities to the government has gone unenforced since passage of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the General Accounting Office reported. As a result, large portions of the financial system are outside the reach of anti-money laundering initiatives.
      • I have been a client with the same bank for 15 years,and not once have I been told the reason behind ATM fees and why they keep rising.
      • Jim Pedrick appointed senior vice president, Marketing, for ING Americas; Stephen Moon named director of Project Management for Cognotec; Mitsugu Serizawa promoted to manager of the Planning Office for Manufacturers Bank; Joseph Guagliardo named managing director, Global Systems Integration, for FNX Limited; Roy Couchman takes over as general manager of Kofax's Ascent Software Business Unit.
      • AIG Private Bank purchases back-office automation capability from SmartStream Technologies; British Coal and Pension Schemes re-appoints J.P. Morgan Investor services as global custodian; Visa International to launch new online credit card authentication program; Bumipatra-Commerce Bank Berhad to install e-finance software from Corillian; Clearstream International cleared of money laundering charges.
      • Wachovia pilots @GlobalTrade product from CCEWeb; BB&T Corporation purchases desktop PCs and workstations from Compaq Computers; ABN AMRO Information Technology Services Company deploys Financial Fusion e-finance platform at three North American affiliates; M&T Bank launches enhanced small business Website from Corillian; BNY Western Trust Company appointed global custodian for UCLA Trust Foundation.
      • SWIFT and FIX agree to converge respective messaging protocols; NACHA's Project ACTION draws interest from financial institutions; Java-dedicated conference for financial services to debut in London.

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