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      • When Credit Union of Texas (formerly Dallas Teacher's Credit Union) embarked on a CRM data warehouse project two years ago, it had no idea how large it would grow. What started primarily as a marketing tool has become an analytical decision-support for the entire organization.
      • The National Automated Clearing House Association, or NACHA, is perhaps best known as the governing body of the automated clearing house, or ACH, electronic payment system. But the 31-member Herndon, Va.-based group also sponsors a number of initiatives aimed at making money movement across various electronic channels more efficient and safer.
      • Since the dawn of the Jet Age, passengers can travel farther, faster and cheaper than ever before. The Internet Age promises similar advantages to people financing their homes. But when the mortgage industry builds its version of the Boeing 747 jumbo jet, banks might find themselves booking tickets rather than flying the plane.
      • A new, integrated global payment processing platform being rolled out by MasterCard International will give 20,000 member banks greater flexibility when it comes to everything from settlement times to rolling out new programs.
      • RBS Group recently announced the selection of Chordiant Software as its "strategic CRM platform and the standard for all new CRM developments within the Group," according to Steve North, head of strategy and architecture at RBS Group Technology.
      • The U.S. Navy's installation of a new payment system that does away with the need to store cash aboard ships is a breakthrough in the military's battle to control spending. Called Navy Cash and engineered by J.P. Morgan Chase, the system features a dual mag stripe/stored value card that enables shipboard purchases to be made with electronic cash, eliminating the need to store and count cash.
      • A regulation requiring broker-dealer subsidiaries of banks to report suspicious activities to the government has gone unenforced since passage of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the General Accounting Office reported. As a result, large portions of the financial system are outside the reach of anti-money laundering initiatives.
      • I have been a client with the same bank for 15 years,and not once have I been told the reason behind ATM fees and why they keep rising.

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