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Basel Committee Reports Gaps That Banks Must Address
Commentary  |  9/10/2014  | 
How banks are failing to meet requirements in three key areas of risk reporting, and how they can do so.
5 Methods to Mitigate Risk in ALLL & Stress Testing
Commentary  |  9/5/2014  | 
5 best practices that banks should incorporate in their risk management strategies.
Doubling Down on 'Card Not Present' Fraud
Commentary  |  9/3/2014  | 
Betting that the EMV shift will push fraudsters online.
Data Ownership & Encryption in the Cloud
News  |  8/28/2014  | 
New advancements in encryption technology can help businesses keep their data secure and private even when it is stored with a cloud provider.
Russian Hack Attack on Banks: Is This the Big One?
Commentary  |  8/28/2014  | 
JPMorgan Chase and at least four other US banks have been hit by a series of coordinated attacks on account information. Was it inevitable?
Regulation: The Mother of Invention?
News  |  8/27/2014  | 
D+H CEO Gerrard Schmid talked regulation and innovation at his company's Connections 2014 conference.
How to Ace RDC Compliance Audits
News  |  8/25/2014  | 
With annual RDC audits weighing heavily on banks, we offer some tips to help compliance officers get through the auditing season.
Public Sector IT Compliance The Private Sector Way
Commentary  |  8/22/2014  | 
Office of Management and Budget wants agencies to mimic private-sector accountability practices. Compliance will require private sector discipline
Legalized Marijuana & Multi-Jurisdictional Banking: High Times for Community Banks
Commentary  |  8/21/2014  | 
Small local institutions have less regulatory risk in serving marijuana businesses in states where they are legal.
Bank of America Agrees to Record-Breaking Fine for Mortgage Securities Sales
News  |  8/21/2014  | 
The bank will pay $16.65 billion for selling securities backed by risky loans before the financial crisis.
Deutsche Bank Hires New Senior Tech Leaders
News  |  8/19/2014  | 
The bank has hired two senior tech leaders away from Goldman Sachs and RBS as it seeks to add 500 new employees to support technology and operations.
Liberty Reserve Deputy Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering
News  |  8/18/2014  | 
Regulators claim the virtual currency business acted as a bank for the global criminal underworld.
PwC Faces Suspension, Fine From New York Regulator
News  |  8/18/2014  | 
The New York State Department of Financial Services conducted an investigation into PwC's regulatory advisory services arm involving work it did for Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi.
US Payments Innovation: Here Come the Feds!
Commentary  |  8/15/2014  | 
What the Federal Reserve's push for faster payments in the US will mean for B2B payments.
The Great Training Divide: Online Training Focus & Inconsistent Customer Experience
Commentary  |  8/14/2014  | 
Transversal research shows that branch staff receive half the training as online staff.
Can Technology Serve as a Positive Disruptive Force in Banking?
Commentary  |  8/11/2014  | 
Regulation inhibits the adoption and use of technology in its most disruptive form.
The World Cup Wasn’t Brazil’s Only Loss: Boleto Malware Emerges
Commentary  |  8/11/2014  | 
In light of the recent fraud campaign against Brazil’s banking industry, what must payments industry players do to fight malware-based payments fraud?
Increased Vigilance Needed to Reduce Counterfeit Risk
Commentary  |  8/8/2014  | 
With counterfeiting changing thanks to new digital technology, banks need to increase their detection capabilities.
5 Questions About Faster Payments in the US
Commentary  |  8/7/2014  | 
US banks can learn lessons on implementation and security from other faster payments initiatives around the world.
Virtualizing Data: Key to Overcoming Rising Compliance Costs
Commentary  |  8/5/2014  | 
The direct cost of compliance, while significant, is dwarfed by the opportunity cost -- having to forego other projects that drive revenues and improve margins.
5 Key Trends From KPMG’s Banking Outlook Survey
Slideshows  |  8/1/2014  | 
Banks are starting to reap benefits from past investments in regulatory compliance and are looking ahead to business growth.
Compliance Training Goes From Mindless to Competitive With Game Mechanics
News  |  7/29/2014  | 
True Office is helping big banks gamify compliance training for better engagement and understanding.
NY Seeks Bitcoin Exchange Regulations
News  |  7/24/2014  | 
Proposal would require state's digital currency dealers to follow strict anti-money-laundering and consumer protection rules.
Surviving & Thriving in the Current Risk Management & Regulatory Environment
Commentary  |  7/21/2014  | 
How financial institutions can leverage compliance initiatives to improve their business with a 360-degree view of the customer.
Real-Time Payments: Imagination Realized, Commerce Evolved
Commentary  |  7/21/2014  | 
Why the move to real-time payments may happen sooner than you think.
Creating a Client-Driven FATCA Program
Commentary  |  7/18/2014  | 
Financial institutions are earnestly undertaking the work necessary to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), but are they focused on the right steps?
Data Aggregation: Why Some Banks Succeed & Others Fail
Commentary  |  7/18/2014  | 
Some banks are improving in data aggregation and management. Here are three ways they're doing it.
Stress Testing: From Regulatory Burden to Catalyst for Business Transformation
Commentary  |  7/17/2014  | 
Stress tests are not just a check-the-box exercise.
Identity Management Will Get a Mobile Makeover by 2017
Commentary  |  7/16/2014  | 
In the first of a two-part series, we explore how mobile will change user authentication and risk management in financial services.
Where in the World Should Banks Store Their Data?
Commentary  |  7/15/2014  | 
Deciding where to house and how to move data involves understanding the relevant legal regimes and the application of risk analysis.
State Governments & the Future of Cyber Security Regulation
News  |  7/9/2014  | 
With Washington deadlocked by partisanship, it's falling to states to inspect banks' cyber security practices, and that could mean trouble for some small institutions.
Mind the Gap with Enterprise-Wide Stress Testing
Commentary  |  7/7/2014  | 
How to make the most of stress testing initiatives with a holistic model based on strategic business and risk objectives.
Automation, Compliance and Customer Experience in Trade Finance
News  |  6/23/2014  | 
How automating compliance screening in trade finance can help please customers and regulators.
Many Banks Struggling to Identify Gaps in AML Programs, Report Indicates
News  |  6/19/2014  | 
A new survey from NICE Actimize found that some banks are lagging in building a strong culture around AML compliance.
Capital One to Change Credit Policies for Underbanked Consumers in New York
News  |  6/16/2014  | 
Capital One bank has agreed with New York State regulators to adjust its policies for the ChexSystems credit bureau to help underbanked customers open accounts.
Liquidity Management: Best Practices for Banks
Commentary  |  6/10/2014  | 
The world of liquidity management is much more complicated than it used to be.
Dutch Banks Told to Steer Clear of Bitcoin
News  |  6/4/2014  | 
The Dutch Central Bank, citing regulatory concerns, cautioned the country’s banks about doing business with Bitcoin-related organizations.
Turning FATCA into a Competitive Advantage
Commentary  |  5/28/2014  | 
How relationship-based programs can manage compliance and enrich customer relationships
The Often Overlooked Intersection Between Reputation and Regulation
Commentary  |  4/25/2014  | 
Taking complaints seriously and responding to them is a must for financial institutions.
Don't Kill Communications; Establish a Plan
Commentary  |  4/17/2014  | 
Now that social media is evolving, and banks are warming up to it, they need to make it an integral part of their day-to-day business.
Leveraging Analytics to Improve Loss Forecasting
Commentary  |  4/4/2014  | 
There are repercussions to future funding when loan losses are not accurately predicted as the banks credibility is lost.
Can Technology Help Prevent the Next Financial Crisis?
Commentary  |  3/18/2014  | 
Technology is often viewed as both a cost and a necessity in the financial services industry, even though it can serve as a strategic tool for achieving corporate, industry or policy goals.
How To Be A Better Bank: Self-Policing Your Bank's Compliance Program
Commentary  |  3/14/2014  | 
Is your bank proactive or reactive in its compliance risk management practices? It could make a big difference in how regulators deal with your institution.
Leveraging Location Tracking for Security and Compliance in RDC
News  |  3/10/2014  | 
WAUSAU is launching a new service to help banks keep track of where remote check deposits are occurring to help with KYC and AML compliance.
Risk Management Guidance on Third-Party Relationships
Commentary  |  3/7/2014  | 
What banks need to know to meet compliance with the OCC's requirements for vendor due diligence.
Taking the Next Step in KYC and AML Compliance
News  |  3/5/2014  | 
Regulators are demanding more and more from banks’ KYC and AML monitoring, making it increasingly necessary for the industry to collaborate on this costly area of regulation.
Major Banks Sign Up for SWIFT’s KYC Registry
News  |  3/4/2014  | 
SWIFT aims to cut complexity and cost in compliance with a new centralized registry for KYC information that will roll out later this year.
How to Craft a Legal Social Media Policy for Employees
News  |  2/27/2014  | 
Organizations often have to consider a number of competing interests when crafting a legal and compliant social media policy.
The Regulatory Pressure Cooker: Retail Banks Evaluate Their Budgets
Commentary  |  2/27/2014  | 
Banks must spend wisely on the increasing regulatory burden.
How New York State Is Looking to Regulate Bitcoin
News  |  2/21/2014  | 
A New York State regulator emphasized the need to balance preventing money laundering with encouraging innovation in a public Q&A on Reddit yesterday.
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