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Content posted in July 2011
The Daily Show's Take on the Dodd-Frank Act
Commentary  |  7/29/2011  | 
John Stewart and John Oliver present a comically grim view of what has happened with the legislation so far.
Analyst Says Dueling Bids for S1 Denote Trend Toward Consolidation
News  |  7/28/2011  | 
Mergers and acquisitions heat up as vendors strive to become "one-stop shops" for banking products and services in strategic areas.
Citibank Unveils iPad App
News  |  7/27/2011  | 
The financial institution's new consumer banking app allows for general online banking and in-depth financial management through interactive tools.
Fundtech and S1 Respond to ACI's Proposal to Acquire S1
News  |  7/26/2011  | 
Both companies state that their merger agreement is still in effect.
ACI Worldwide Proposes to Acquire S1 Corporation
News  |  7/26/2011  | 
The proposal jeopardizes S1's pending merger with ACI competitor Fundtech.
Superior Bank Appoints CEO
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
Banking veteran Sam Tortorici is the latest addition to the community bank's newly assembled executive team.
The Perfect Storm: 10 Ways to Ruin the Customer Experience
Commentary  |  7/25/2011  | 
An unfortunate combination of siloed channels, impotent customer service reps and ineffective technology implodes the customer experience.
The Brave New World Of Banking Technology
Commentary  |  7/25/2011  | 
Increasing regulation will dampen profits, drive cost cutting and push banks into shared IT environments.
The Two Different Worlds of Bank Tech -- U.S. and the Other 194 Countries
Commentary  |  7/25/2011  | 
The rate of core conversions in the U.S. is slowing down, but it's increasing in other markets -- due largely to growing demand for mobile banking services.
RIM Cuts 2,000 Jobs
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
The maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphone announces layoffs as part of its cost optimization plan.
4 Mobile Trends Every Bank Should Understand
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
While the biggest banks offer fairly comprehensive mobile services, the industry has a long way to go to optimize the mobile channel.
Mobile Pioneers Tell All : 10 Keys to Mobile Banking Success
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
Experts in the mobile banking space, including early trailblazers SunTrust and IBC Bank, offer 10 best practices every bank should consider when building out second-generation mobile services.
Clairmail Deploys Salesforce's Jigsaw Data Cloud
News  |  7/25/2011  | 
The company aims to boost its mobile banking operations with the cloud-based lead generation and business data solution.
Gartner Says Mobile Payment Growth Slower Than Expected
News  |  7/22/2011  | 
Research indicates customer behavior and service provider strategies may be standing in the way of increasing worldwide growth of mobile payments.
Google-Style Data Analysis For Loans
News  |  7/21/2011  | 
Financial startup ZestCash is getting an infusion of funding to realize its plan to rewrite the rules of high-risk loans.
It Can Pay to Get it Right the First Time
Commentary  |  7/21/2011  | 
As we reach the first anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Act being signed into law, regulators and banks should consider modernizing information systems to prepare for the new order.
Isis Partners With Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
News  |  7/20/2011  | 
The joint venture gains an advantage over other mobile commerce platforms by being the first to sign deals with all four of these national payment networks.
Temenos and Microsoft Make Cloud-Based Core Systems a Reality
News  |  7/19/2011  | 
Six microfinance institutions in Mexico are now running Temenos' T24 core banking clients on the Windows Azure platform, with more implementations to come around the world.
These Are the Best of Times for Bank Technology
Commentary  |  7/18/2011  | 
The bank tech market has never been stronger than it is now.
What do Wikileaks, PayPal and Charles Barkley Have in Common?
News  |  7/15/2011  | 
When it comes to making ads, fake ads and promotional videos, it seems everyone but the banks has a sense of humor.
5 Best Practices in Automated Disaster Recovery
News  |  7/14/2011  | 
How is the financial services industry preparing for the worst?
PayPal Readies Moble P2P NFC Payments App for Android
News  |  7/13/2011  | 
The California-based electronic payments service is primed to be the first to offer app-based P2P payments via NFC.
Breaking News: Multiple Bombs Kill at Least 13 in Mumbai
News  |  7/13/2011  | 
Bombs kill at least 13 in Mumbai, entire city is put on alert, according to Home Minister.
Report: Monetization of Mobile Payments Gaining Momentum
News  |  7/13/2011  | 
Banks are aggressively pursuing mobile payment options to contend for top spots on the payment value chain, says KPMG.
M&T Bank Plans to Acquire Former HSBC Data Center
News  |  7/13/2011  | 
The Buffalo-based bank will add as much as 75 jobs in western New York.
Bank of America Appoints New Chief Risk Officer
News  |  7/12/2011  | 
Terry Laughlin, the bank's current head of Legacy Asset Servicing, will assume the new role during the third quarter.
Synovus Names Chief Operations Officer
News  |  7/12/2011  | 
Financial services company names banking veteran Allen J. Gula, Jr. to fill new position.
FDIC Announces New Chief Risk Officer
News  |  7/12/2011  | 
Former Inter-American Development Bank executive, Stephen A. Quick, fills this new position.
There's More to Core Switches Than Meets the Eye
Commentary  |  7/12/2011  | 
Fewer banks are making core systems switches today, compared to 10 years ago.
Chase Reaches Settlement with Customer Who Was Wrongly Jailed
News  |  7/12/2011  | 
Following national news about a man who was arrested for trying to deposit a Chase-issued check at a Chase branch, the bank and its customer work it out.
Regions Introduces P2P Payments for Online Customers
News  |  7/11/2011  | 
Regions Personal Pay is an online person-to-person payments service powered by Fiserv's ZashPay.
Bank Customers Forcing Changes to the Status Quo
Commentary  |  7/11/2011  | 
To meet regulators' and customers' demands, banks are finding innovative approaches to providing financial services, says TowerGroup's Jim Eckenrode.
How to Protect Your Intellectual Property
News  |  7/11/2011  | 
Financial services firms are built on innovation. But protecting those advances is a full-time job.
Man Arrested for Depositing Chase-Issued Check at Local Chase Branch
News  |  7/8/2011  | 
Chase demonstrates how not to win customer loyalty in an epic failure of customer service.
USAA to Eliminate Debit Rewards
News  |  7/7/2011  | 
In anticipation of lost debit interchange fees as the result of Durbin Amendment caps, USAA Bank is eliminating its debit rewards program in order to continue its more-popular free checking and ATM fee refunds.
How to Build a Secure Mobile App
News  |  7/6/2011  | 
While it's a relatively new channel, mobile banking is growing rapidly, and apps are emerging as consumers' mobile solutions of choice. How do you ensure your app is secure?
Central Pacific Bank Names New CIO
News  |  7/6/2011  | 
Central Pacific Bank (CPB) appointed Glen Blackmon as EVP and CIO.
Implementing a Consumer-Safe Transaction Marketing Program
News  |  7/5/2011  | 
As Dodd-Frank continues to take shape what are some best practices for banks engaging in alternative customer rewards programs?
Former BB&T Exec Joins SunTrust as Head of Treasury & Payment Solutions
News  |  7/5/2011  | 
Eric Brewer has joined Atlanta-based SunTrust Banks as executive vice president and head of treasury and payment solutions.
The Costs of Zero Sum Thinking
Commentary  |  7/5/2011  | 
When innovation is viewed as a zero-sum game it's inevitable the outcomes will be disappointing.
Bankers Say Risk Managment is Critical to Long-Term Growth
News  |  7/5/2011  | 
An Accenture survey reveals risk management remains top of mind for retail banks and financial services.
"Bio-Decisions" or Analytics?
Commentary  |  7/5/2011  | 
"Bio-Decisions" or analytics -- which lending method will bankers use in the new normal?

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