Where Are They Now? Catching Up With the 2011 Elite 8

As mobile and digital technologies continue to reshape banking, we caught up with some of the 2011 Elite 8 to see how the changing expectations of consumers, employees and partners are transforming their focus.
September 28, 2012

John Fiore (Retired), BNY Mellon

2011 Elite 8 honoree John Fiore retired as CIO at New York-based BNY Mellon in June 2010. Fiore had been a technology executive at the firm for five years before being named CIO in March 2012. He spent more than a quarter-century as a financial services technology executive, consultant and CTO.

"Technology is the foundation of what this organization is about, because without the use of technology, there's no way we could exist at the scale we're at today," he said of BNY Mellon in 2011. "It's a fundamental cornerstone."

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