Where Are They Now? Catching Up With the 2011 Elite 8

As mobile and digital technologies continue to reshape banking, we caught up with some of the 2011 Elite 8 to see how the changing expectations of consumers, employees and partners are transforming their focus.
September 28, 2012

Helen Cousins, EVP and CIO, Lincoln Trust Co. (Denver)

Since receiving Elite 8 recognition in 2011, Lincoln Trust EVP and CIO Helen Cousins has remained focused on helping the business use technology effectively and efficiently. "This continues to be my main responsibility," she explains, "along with developing our future leaders."

At this time last year, Cousins had received plenty of industry recognition for implementing a business process management (BPM) solution that incorporated enterprisewide business intelligence and workflow management, helping reduce the trust's paper-based workload by 90 percent -- and almost eliminating client complaints about delays and lost paperwork. "In 2013," she says, "we will focus on integrating new offices we acquired and bring advances in technology to them, and therefore, to our growing customer base."

This year, Cousins has been concentrating her efforts on acquiring competitors in the 401(k) administration industry along with growing the trust organically through new opportunities brought to the firm by 401(k) advisers. But, she suggests, her underlying driver is and always will be improving the customer experience. "At Lincoln Trust, we have always been a believer in using technology to enhance the customer experience," Cousins says.

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