May 26, 2008

Constantly shifting market conditions have enormous impact on banks' bottom lines. Fast, sound strategy decisions are crucial, as is the ability to discuss the potential impacts of decisions with team members in major global financial centers and geographically dispersed employees and experts. The ability to speed business decisions helps financial services companies drive additional revenue and grow their businesses.

Using telepresence technologies, banks can quickly and effectively bring together all the global resources -- from marketing and risk management to credit -- to solve client issues more quickly and effectively. In addition to increased client satisfaction, banks quickly see return on investment through reduced travel costs and higher productivity.

Banks with existing videoconferencing investments should consider choosing a telepresence solution that allows them to leverage these investments within their telepresence meetings. Also, banks should choose a solution that offers a variety of configurations that meet the needs of a variety of meetings -- from large groups to one-on-one executive discussions -- and multipoint capabilities to connect four or more locations simultaneously around the globe.

As time goes on, more and more banks will adopt telepresence solutions in lieu of in-person meetings as a way to further social connections, host more-productive meetings and reduce business travel costs.